How to Do Local Keyword Research

How to Do Local Keyword Research How to Do Keyword Research Using Google’s Keyword Planner Hi everyone, today I’m going to share my process on how to perform keyword research for local businesses using Google’s Keyword Planner tool. For this video, I’m going to define local keyword research as finding the keywords that are relevant to, or used by searchers to find a location, product...
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Google My Business Help

Google My Business Help Having trouble with your brand, local page or Google maps data and need to speak with a Google rep.? It can often be difficult to find the exact information or resources you need and sometimes, speaking to a Google My Business is required to resolve an issue. How to Contact Google My Business Here are the steps to contact...
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John Mueller Talks Redirects

John Mueller Talks Redirects Last updated on 7/28/2016 In a recent Google+ post, Google Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller provided readers with a guide on how Google treats different types of redirects including 301s, 302s, 307s etc. In his post, he covers important topics like long redirect chains, if 302s pass link equity and more. The following are some of the key takeaways...
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