Our Story

Congruent Digital was founded on the principle that all effective marketing starts with a deep understanding your market and target audience.

Our audience-first approach delivers consistent messaging and interactions across the digital channels that matter most. By providing a strategic approach to multi-channel marketing, we help our clients deliver a seamless experience across every stage in their customer’s path-to-purchase.

Every campaign we develop is customized to align with the goals of your business and the needs of your customers.

“My goal with starting Congruent was never to become the largest agency, but rather to focus on working with the right clients, providing exceptional value and delivering the highest ROI. This guiding principle has kept our attrition rate exceptionally low, and turned our clients into our sales team.” – Brian Jensen

Meet Our Team

Head Shot - Just Head

Brian Jensen is the Founder and Chief Solutionist of Congruent Digital. He oversees day-to-day operations, client strategy, and business development for the company.

Brian has a keen interest in the psychology behind what motivates consumer purchasing decisions, and loves letting data drive the decisions.

When he isn't working hard for our clients, you can find him playing guitar, catching up on world news, spending time with his family, or playing online chess.

As Congruent Digital's primary Content Architect, Rebecca Brown Wright oversees content strategy for our clients. She is passionate about storytelling, and believes if something is worth saying, it's worth taking the time to make it interesting. She'd be happy spending every waking hour with the written word (she even writes in her sleep), but when she does surface from her computer and notebooks, she loves to spend time in museums, the mountains, at the piano, or taking walks with her family.

Tim Simpson is a Social Media Consultant and Content Curator for Congruent Digital. Having studied Sociology with an emphasis in research methods, Tim believes that even the most obscure data can be analyzed and acted upon. He is obsessive about behavioral psychology, and is fascinated with the question of “why we do the things we do?” When he doesn’t have 12 tabs open on his laptop, Tim can be found running trails, surfing, or practicing photography.

Beau Ramirez Digital Marketing Specialist at Congruent Digital

Beau Ramirez is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Congruent Digital. His passion for scaling business and an preferential spirit drives his career in digital marketing. Beau's efforts have led him to collaboration on projects with the Arizona Cardinals, Arizona Coyotes, and key influencers in the NFL Jared Allen and Jen Welter. When he's not lost in the world of all things digital, he's jamming on his acoustic or dining at some of SoCal's best eateries.

Natalie Guardado Congruent Digital

Natalie Guardado is a Digital Marketing Strategist at Congruent Digital. With a focus on digital marketing and advertising, she strives to connect data with innovation.

Driven with a creative passion, her goal is to use those platforms to draw audiences in. When she’s not working, you can find her exploring with a camera or studying with a chai latte in hand.