Google+ Tip: How To Add Additional User Information To Profiles

Google Plus Tip - How To Add Additional User Information
Picture of </br>By: Brian Jensen

By: Brian Jensen

We’ve all heard of Google+ referred to as the “social” and “relationship” network, which is true. The deep level of engagement and meaningful conversations that I’ve encountered on Google+ are like nothing I’ve experience on other social networks that I keep an active presence on.?I can personally testify to multiple networking ?and publishing opportunities that have presented themselves from engaging and building relationships with other users on the Plus.

How to add and store your own contact details for a user on Google+

As more users continue to utilize the platform for relationship building and professional networking, it becomes a necessity to keep and record any additional contact info or other pertinent details about a specific user that you may want for future reference. My guilty confession is that up until this point, I’ve always kept a mental note of the details I’ve learned about other users I’m engaging with (not very efficient, I know).

Google Plus Profile - Add Contact Details - Meme

One Google+ feature I recently discovered that provides a resolution to my above mentioned conundrum, is the ability to add your own information on users directly to their profiles. ?To get started, ?navigate to the About section of a user’s profile where you’ll notice the option to add your own details and notes for a ?user.

Google Plus Profile - Add Contact Details

Clicking this option which will provide you with a variety of form fields to fill out including :

  • Nickname
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Birthday
  • Notes
  • Website
  • Relationship
  • Job title
  • Custom fields
  • Notes

The below screenshot is an example I put together of potential notes I’d add to a user’s profile.

Google Plus - About - How to add Additional User Details

I’ve added additional details for some of my favorite Plussers, now what?

Once you’ve added all additional user information and click save, you’ll automatically have these details appear anytime you navigate to the “About” section of a profile.

Google Plus - Saved User Profile Details

Will these contact details be visible to other users on Google+?

No. Everything you add to this section will only be available and visible to you.

Is Google+ the new professional social network?

While not as widely recognized and adopted as other professional social networking platforms like LinkedIn, I think the potential is there. While everyone probably has their own method for recording personal contact information, I like the fact that the feature allows me to record and store these details right on a user’s profile, and provides me with one more way to utilize Google+ for professional social networking and relationship building.

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