How to Generate an External Preview Link in Google Ads

Picture of </br>By: Brian Jensen

By: Brian Jensen

I recently set up a new remarketing campaign for a client and needed to generate an external preview link – you know, the links you share that show all add sizes that you can send to clients for review and approval.

Google had recently updated the way to access the preview link and I had to spend a few minutes online until I found the answer – it turns out I wasn’t the only one looking for the link!

See below thread in Google Ads Help

Google Ads help

How do I Generate a Preview Link in Google Ads for my Display Campaign?

  1. Navigate to your new campaign in Google Ads
  2. Click on your new ad group
  3. Click on your new ad.
  4. From there, click on the thumbnail image that represents all your image assets and a preview window will appear that includes all available ad sizes and a preview link to share with your clients

And then this …

google ads preview link

You should be all set. Hopefully this post saved you a few minutes! 

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