How to Show or Change Questions Using Facebook Messaging

</br>By: Brian Jensen

By: Brian Jensen

I wouldn’t exactly call Facebook’s UI intuitive – it takes some time to learn where everything is.

In this post, I’m going to show you how to show (enable) or change frequently asked questions using Facebook’s Messaging.

I’m going to spare you the how and why you should be using this feature and jump right into the solution.

After all, we’re all busy right?

How to Show or Change Questions Using Facebook Messaging

  • Step 1: Select the Settings navigation option in the top right hand corner next to Help
  • Step 2: In the left navigation, select Messaging which will take you to Messaging Settings
  • Step 3: Under General Settings, find “Help people start a conversation with your Page.” Make sure this option is turned on then then and select the “Change” button
  • Step 4: Add, remove, or change your frequently asked questions

Below are images for each step to help you.

Steps 1 & 2
facebook messaging
Step 3
facebook messaging
Step 4
facebook messaging

Hopefully this post saved you a few minutes! 

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