The Latest in Search and Social Media Marketing: Week of June 5-11

The Latest in Search and Social Media Marketing: Week of June 5-11

Welcome back, Natalie here! This week in the world of search and social many new updates and features were released, so I’m here to tell you all about them. Keep reading to learn about all the latest!

Facebook Introduces Disaster Data Maps, Closed Captions for Facebook Live and Enables Users to Contact Their Government Reps. from Their Posts

Facebook has begun partnering with organizations to create “disaster maps” to aid in the rebuilding of communities after natural disasters. These maps will provide data to organizations in a few different ways:

  • Location density maps will provide information on where people were before, during, and after a disaster.
  • Movement maps show the general movement in a specific area so organizations can better predict where resources will be needed.
  • Safety Check maps allow users to “check in” with their family and friends during a natural disaster to let them know they are safe. Organizations can use these maps by taking a look at where people are checking in. These check-ins may be able to help response organizations see where more people need help if there are fewer check-ins in that area.

They also announced closed captions for Facebook Live. Now, if your caption settings are set, closed captions will appear during a live broadcast if available.

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Facebook has also been rolling out a new feature that allows users to contact Government Officials right from their posts by selecting a small White House image on the same toolbar as image and location features are. According to TechCrunch, this feature has been available to most users but has officially reached all US users this week.

Instagram Tests Out New Stories Feature for Businesses

As reported by Ad Age, this week Instagram has been testing a new feature, referred to as “direct response ads” for stories. This new feature allows businesses to create an ad story with a way for viewers to sign up for or buy that business’s product by simply swiping up.

Google Announces First Data from Partnership with EDF and Aclima, Adds New Features to G Suite and Android Gboard

This week, Google announced the first results from a project started in 2015. Partnering with EDF (Environmental Defense Fund) and Aclima to measure air quality, they were able to create an air quality map for Oakland, CA. Google’s goals with these air maps are to help local environment organizations better understand what their pollution levels look like and how to lower them.

Google is also working to make things easier on businesses. With their new feature in G Suite called “ProsperWorks,” it is now easier than ever for businesses to integrate their CRM data with the apps they use every day such as Calendar, Gmail, and Docs. Users can now seamlessly view and track sales data within Gmail, transfer data from Sheets to ProsperWorks without manual entry, and more everyday tasks.

Lastly, Google introduced some exciting new features for Android’s Gboard.

  • Phrase Suggestions: Gboard now suggests endings for phrases you begin to type in. For example: If you type in “looking forward” Gboard will suggest endings such as “to it” or “to seeing it.”
  • Enhanced Search Results: Now when you search in Gboard, multiple search results will pop up. You can also now call businesses, go straight to maps, or even watch youtube videos in your search results.
  • Hand-drawn emoji search: Users now have the ability to hand-draw emojis in the emoji search box and best results will pop up.


Thats it for now, we’ll be back next week. Thanks for reading!


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