The Latest in Search and Social Media Marketing: Week of May 29- June 4

The Latest in Search and Social Media Marketing: Week of May 29- June 4

Hey everyone, Natalie here! Didn’t have time to keep up with everything happening in the world of search and social? I’ve got you covered. Keeping reading to learn about all the latest.

Twitter Introduces Direct Message Requests

Users that have allowed anyone to send them direct messages will now see messages from people they don’t follow in a “request” inbox. Users sending the message also won’t be able to see if you saw it or not until you accept it. This new feature has rolled out for iOS and Android and will become available for desktop and the web soon.

Facebook Enhances Albums for Android Users

This week, Facebook enhanced the album feature for Android users. Users now have the ability to add location check-ins, videos and even text posts to albums. Users can also now follow friends albums to receive notifications whenever they’re updated or display a “featured” album on their profiles.

Google Adds New Ways to Search for Art and Museums

It’s now easier than ever for users to dig deeper into art and museums all around them. With the help of Google Arts & Culture, now when you search for a specific art piece or artist, an interactive knowledge panel will come up with ways you can learn even more about your search.

With Google Maps and Google Arts & Culture, you can take a virtual tour of museums right from your laptop. Starting this week, as you take a tour through each room of the museum, informative panels pop up next to each piece of artwork and you can now zoom in on the pieces in the room.

Google AdWords Blog:  A New Smart Bidding Strategy and Supporting Better Ad Standards

This week, Google introduced a new strategy for smart bidding called maximize conversions. This strategy automatically sets the right bid for each auction to help you get the most conversions out of your daily budget.

Google also announced their partnership with Coalition for Better Ads for improving the quality of online ads. In order to support the work towards improvement, Google has released a few new features.

New tools for publishers: the new Ad Experience Report helps publishers better understand how these new standards affect their website. This new feature detects annoying ads and identifies the issues to help publishers easily fix them.

Google also announced that Chrome will no longer show ads that do not follow the Better Ad Standards ( including those owned or served by Google) by early 2018.

Google WebMaster Central Blog: Understanding Snippets

This week, Google updated their WebMaster Blog with a post all about snippets. Snippets are a short little blurb underneath a website’s title that comes up in search results. Their main purpose is to attract and inform searchers about what their site is all about. Snippets come from three main places: a meta description set by a developer, the content of the page, or DMOZ listings. DMOZ was the Goole’s main source for pulling snippets because they generally generated more quality snippets as opposed to pulling from page content. However, Google announced that because DMOZ  closed and they are no longer able to pull snippets from them, it is now more important than ever for developers to create their own snippets. With this in mind, Google explains to us in this article why meta descriptions are important and how to fix the common problems within them.

Skype Introduces Stories-Like Feature

Skype introduced a “stories” like update that has been in the making for well over a year: Skype “Highlights.” However, although the concept behind this new feature is the same as Snapchat and Instagram stories, Skype went ahead and made theirs a bit different. While stories can only be viewed for 24 hours, Skype’s highlights can be viewed for a whole week. Highlights you post will also not be broadcasted to your entire Skype network, only users who follow your highlights will be able to see the posts. You can also share highlights with selected friends on Skype.

That’s all for now, feel free to drop anything we missed in the comments. We’ll see you next week, thanks for reading!


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