The Latest in Search and Social Media Marketing: Week of May 8-14

The Latest in Search and Social Media Marketing: Week of May 8-14

Welcome back everyone! Natalie here. We had another busy week here in the world of search and social, let me catch you up on the latest.

New Centralized Google Analytics Settings

On Google’s Analytics blog, they announced centralized tag manager settings for Google Analytics called “Google Analytics Settings Variables.”  These new settings make it easier than ever for users to manage their tags in Google Analytics. Instead of having to individually enter in custom settings for each tag across web and mobile, users are now able to centrally configure settings for different sets of tags.

Facebook Working to Improve the Safety and Quality of Your Experience

This week, Facebook announced a News Feed FYI with new updates rolling out to reduce the number of low-quality web page links. In this update, Facebook states they began reviewing thousands of web page links on Facebook to identify the low- quality pages. They then used artificial intelligence to identify similar characteristics in new links shared to Facebook. If a new link is determined to be low- quality, it will appear lower on users news feed and may not be eligible to be an ad.

Facebook is also working to improve the safety for all users. They have a released a new group admin tool that allows admins to ask pending members three questions to ensure they are a good fit for the group.

Snap Inc. Releases “Limitless SnapChats” and New Creative Tools

Snap Inc. has released some long-awaited updates this week. The first of these being the new “infinity” setting for the Snap timer. With this setting chosen, users can now send snaps which the recipient can view for as long as they want, but after they close it, the snap deletes as usual. Along with this update, they’ve added a new loop tool. With this tool, users can choose if their snap loops only once or until the viewer decides to skip to the next snap.

They also released new creative tools, a “magic eraser” and an emoji brush. The new magic eraser tool allows users to essentially ‘photoshop’ objects out of their images. Users are now able to use emojis as a drawing brush.

New Updates for Pinterest’s Lens

Pinterest has released new updates for their newest “lens” feature. Now when users lens multiple objects at once, it’s easier than ever to find specific ideas, all users have to do is tap a guide to narrow their search.

Android users have already had the privilege of a lens shortcut, but this week Pinterest released it to iPhone users as well.

Google Product Updates: Chrome and Search

This week, Google added some great updates to Chrome and Search:

  • Making plans has become easier than ever with Google Search’s new update. Users can now type in any type of event in any location to find event options, details, and tickets. Users also have the option to search for a certain period of time with filters such as “today” or “next week.”
  • With Chrome’s new update  Android users now have the ability to download web pages for offline use.

That’s it for this week, thanks for reading! Make sure to check back in next week for more updates.

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