The Latest in Search and Social Media Marketing: Week of May 22-28

The Latest in Search and Social Media Marketing: Week of May 22-28

Hey everyone, Natalie here! We had another busy week in the world of search and social, let me catch you up on the latest.

Instagram Enhances Direct Messages and Adds Location and Hashtag Stories to Explore

This week Instagram added some great new features to direct messages. Users are now able to send links to websites, phone numbers, and addresses. Instagram has also added support for landscape and portrait photos and videos in direct messages.

They also introduced a new way to see what’s happening all around you. Users can now view public location and hashtag stories on the explore page.

Snapchat Introduces Custom Stories

Snapchat is always working to enhance how you can interact with other users. This week they introduced custom stories. With this new update, users have the ability to create a custom, collaborative story. You choose who views and adds to the story. Users also have the ability to add the story to a location. If no one contributes to the story after 24 hours it disappears, just like normal stories.

Facebook Introduces Live Chat and Redesigns Trending Page

This week, Facebook added on to their live broadcast update with live chat. Users can now invite their friends to a public chat about a public live broadcast. These can be friends who are already watching as well or friends who you think would want to tune in.

Starting this week, you’ll also some design changes to the trending page. Now when you click on a trending topic, you’ll see other articles about the same topic from other news outlets. This week Facebook is also testing out a new update that will allow mobile users to find the trendings topic page with more ease.

Pinterest Enhances App for Food Lovers

This week, Pinterest added great new updates for food lovers. The first being the new recipe search controls. It is now easier than ever for users to find the perfect recipe with the ability to now filter their search results by time, diet, and ingredients they already have on hand. Pinterest also added reviews from reputable sites and authors such as Martha Stewart and Food Network for recipes so you don’t have to do a blind taste test.

Pinterest has also given users the ability to lens a whole dish to find a recipe for it.


Google Analytics and Inside AdWords Blog Updates

Google announced quite a few exciting new product innovations during their Google Marketing Next live stream this week, check them out below:

First, they announced they are bringing the speed of AMP pages to search and display ads. This new feature will enable users to use AMP pages as landing pages for their search ads. Google is also using the same technology used for AMP pages for ads used across the Google Display Network to create fast loading ads.

There are now two new ways that help AdWords users better understand their customers. With the new integration between AdWords and Optimize, users now have the ability to test different variations of a landing page, such as a new picture, to create a more effective landing page for the keywords chosen. Google also incorporated the remarketing list from AdWords with Survey 360. AdWord users can now send surveys to customers on their remarketing lists to better understand their customer’s needs and desires.

Google announced a new cloud-based measurement for YouTube: Ads Data Hub. This new innovation will give advertisers more in-depth insights from their campaigns across but will also protect user’s privacy. Google also announced that this beta feature will also be coming to Google Display Network and DoubleClick. Ads Data Hub gives advertisers access to impression- level data about their campaigns all while retaining a privacy- safe environment.

Next, they announced a new product called Google Attribution. This product was designed to help marketers understand if their marketing strategies are effective. By integrating your data from AdWords, DoubleClick Search, and Google Analytics, it’s easy to view your overall performance. This new product also makes it easy to switch to data-driven attribution, which determines how much credit to assign to each step of the consumer’s journey to their end decision. Along with this new product, they also released Google Attribution 360. The two products are very similar in their basic functions, but 360 also integrates data from your ads on DoubleClick Campaign Manager.

Google also announced in-market audiences in AdWords for Search. This feature allows users to reach customers who are ready to purchase and have already searched for what you’re selling.

Finally, Google is making marketing easier with new features for AdWords. This new experience will include features like a campaign creator, performance estimates, and landing page reports. Google also announced they are releasing Unique Reach for Display campaigns in AdWords. This feature enables advertisers to view how many unique users and average impressions-per-user they get from video display ads.

A Reminder from the Google WebMaster Blog About Links in Large-Scale Article Campaigns

Google updated their WebMaster blog this week with a reminder to be cautious when using links to a large-scale article campaign. Although Google does not discourage these type of campaigns when used in a positive way, they do give us some things to watch out for:

  • Using article writers that aren’t knowledgeable about the topics they’re writing on
  • Fitting as many keyword-rich links into your site article as possible
  • Using similar or duplicating content throughout different articles on your site
  • Having articles published across many sites or having many articles published across a few large site

If Google detects these attributes on a site or an article, it can affect their ranking and Google’s perception of the quaity of the site.

Thats it for this week, let us know if we missed anything. Thanks for reading!

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