The Latest in Search and Social Media Marketing: Week of March 27- April 2

The Latest in Search and Social Media Marketing: Week of March 27- April 2

Hey everyone, Natalie here! Developers in search and social had a busy week releasing new updates, so I’m here to catch you up on the latest!

Instagram Introduces a New Safety Feature and an Update to Stories

The first update Instagram rolled out is a great new safety feature for public use: Two- Factor Authentication. With this feature enabled, whenever you log into your account from an unknown device it requires not only your username and password but also an SMS or backup code.

Instagram has also added a new feature to their stories. As you scroll through your newsfeed, you’ll notice a new colorful ring around profile pictures. This ring informs you that the user has added a new story and enables you to simply tap on their profile picture to watch their story without having to scroll through the notifications at the top of your newsfeed.

Twitter Adds Customizable Controls for iOS Users and Enhances Replies

This week Twitter focused on customizable aspects for their iOS users and also updated their reply feature. The first update they released allows you to mute certain words, phrases, and even hashtags from your timeline for a set period of time.

They also added an update that allows you to control what types of accounts you receive notifications from:


Twitter’s last update this week now gives users all 140 characters to reply, those pesky @’s no longer count towards your character count!

Facebook Announces New Ways to Share Photos, Facebook Stories, and Live Location Sharing in Messenger

Facebook has also announced a couple of new updates, the most exciting being the new features added to their camera and the way you can share photos. With this update, users will be able to use an in-app camera loaded with new effects and interactive filters such as masks, falling snow, and frames.

In the same post, they have also announced the creation of Facebook stories! Just like on Instagram, users will have the option to add a photo or video that disappears after twenty-four hours.

Facebook has also released live locations in Facebook messenger. Users will now have the ability share their current location with friends and family in the messenger app.

Pinterest Updates Features for Spanish-Speaking Users

This week, Pinterest updated the compatibility for Spanish- speaking users. They have renovated all of their search tools (autocorrect, search guides, etc.) to be compatible with Spanish searches. Pinterest Explore has also now become available for Mexico and Argentina!

Thanks for reading, see you next week!

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