Google Data Studio Custom Reporting Dashboards

Are You Using Your Online Data to Drive Your Business?

Making data-based decisions can be challenging in today’s digital world.

Your customers are coming to you from a wide variety of places -- different social media channels, Google searches, ads, email and more.

Their journey with your brand meanders all over the web and various devices.

If you are ...


  • Spending hours pulling together weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly business or marketing reports
  • Not interpreting your online data in a way that's both insightful and actionable
  • Having trouble putting the reports together in a way that's visually engaging
  • Our custom reporting dashboard services can save you time and help you gain more actionable insights from your data

Example Reports:

picture of Google Data Studio custom reporting dashboard
picture of Google Data Studio custom reporting dashboard
picture of Google Data Studio custom reporting dashboard
picture of Google Data Studio custom reporting dashboard

Making Data Work for Your Business Is Possible

At Congruent Digital, we take your Google Analytics data to the next level with a customizable dashboard that consolidates your data into simple, easy-to-read reports that answer your business's most pressing questions.

We'll help you get a more precise handle on interpreting, analyzing, and applying data in a way that helps you make smarter decisions.

  • Consolidates data from multiple sources (Google Adwords, DoubleClick, Facebook, YouTube & more).
  • Customizable (your logo, your colors, your branding)
  • Accessible 24/7
  • Shared as a link or embedded on a webpage
  • Tailored for any level or department within your company

Best of all, our reports are completely automated which means less work for you!

Insightful Data Starts with Understanding Your Goals

Transforming your data into actionable insights starts with us learning more about your business. In an initial phone call, we’ll get an understanding of your current online marketing efforts and the channels your business relies upon for new leads or sales.

But that’s not all.

We won’t leave you on your own there. We’ll walk you through the dashboard, instructing you on how to use it, how to share it, how to link to it, how to embed, and more.

When we’re finished, you’ll know exactly how to use your data to not only inform your current and future online marketing strategies, but have a simple, beautiful report that's ready to share with all stakeholders in your company.

Our Custom Reporting Dashboard services includes:

  • Initial discovery call
  • Up to 5 page customized reporting dashboard with initial analysis
  • Explanation and clear walk-through on how to use your customized reporting dashboard

Sound too good to be true ... it's not!

Contact us today with questions or to schedule your free consultation.